Kathy viral video leaked on twitter and reddit, Sosok Khaty Wanita Cantik

Kathy viral video leaked on twitter and reddit, Sosok Khaty Wanita Cantik

The cast of the video Kathy viral or Khaty viral TikTok to Twitter, a beautiful woman in a hijab and glasses is now being followed by netizens. Netizens are now busy discussing the news of the viral video on various social media platforms.


Accompanying social media searches for viral Kathy video links or viral Khaty until Wednesday (December 21, 2022). Some information related to the viral video spreading from TikTok to Twitter was also shared by multiple accounts.


Numerous YouTube channels also upload information about mass video searches. Although so far, there has been no official statement about the viral video going viral on various social media platforms.

Also, who is the character related to the beautiful woman wearing a hijab and glasses is suspected to be Hattie. Also read: Khaty Viral Video TikTok, Twitter, Yandex Ru, Netizens Want Hijab-wearing Beauty

“In this video, I’m going to share a video about the Khaty guy,” the account executive said in a recording uploaded alongside the paint can video. In addition to the recording, he conveyed information about the viral video’s spread through the content description.

“Lots of video link virus khaty or kh9ty virus tiktok at the moment, latest mediafire,” he wrote in the description of the video he uploaded.

The channel, which already has 76,500 subscribers, uploaded a video called Khaty viral Kathy viral kh9ty, a video Tiktok Twitter, which lasted 2 minutes and 28 seconds. The administrator also provided only brief information on the viral video’s spread from TikTok to Twitter, in the form of an explanatory video containing photo slideshows and voiceovers.

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