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Gaps in the private life of Santi Millán. A video of the presenter spending quality time with women has been leaked on social networks. With a golden pelvic delight, the Got Talent host finds herself swept up in one of the hottest scenes of the summer so far. Millán shows a passion for belly dancing, spending quality time with an unidentified blonde. santi millan video filtracion, video de santi millan, video santi millan completo, 

An acrobatic pose that certainly involves a warm-up star previously detailed in the video, which has gone viral on Twitter like wildfire. The Telecinco presenter put together a symphony among his colleagues, and enjoyed the session despite the footage. There is no doubt that Milan has shown a great interest in audiovisual production, since he has been in charge of recording, producing and starring in films that have been maliciously leaked. santi millán, marita alonso, el video de santi millan, santi millan video twitter, enrique garcia youtube

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