Street Outlaws Spouses Crash Into Each Other During Race

Road Outlaws Spouses Crash Into Each Other During Race

That will be an abnormal ride home...
Many individuals partake in the Discovery Channel TV program Street Outlaws, so they'll be upset to learn start JJ Da Boss and his better half Tricia Day were harmed in a fender bender while recording an episode in La Villa, Texas. As indicated by reports, they were racing each other in their Chevy Novas when the mishap happened. Day's wounds were terrible enough she evidently was taken to a neighborhood medical clinic for therapy.

Supposedly, the two vehicles connected as they soared down the dragstrip. Day's vehicle drifted into a creation van. Whenever vehicles are speeding up and are now at high velocities, one little slip-up can make everything go sideways in a matter of seconds.

No video of the accident has been delivered on the web, despite the fact that we're certain there are individuals who need to see something like this. A YouTuber called TexasDragRacingVideo shared film of the start of the race, yet it cuts off before the impact. Photographs of the consequence are then shown.

An Instagram account called likewise posted photographs of the disaster area. JJ Da Boss presented a live video on his Facebook page on January 15, showing his group working diligently fixing the harm on his vehicle. He posted a video that very day of him and his better half in the clinic. He was by all accounts in a general positive disposition, kidding about the circumstance, so his spirits appear to have endure flawless. Tricia was grinning from her clinic bed.

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