Full Leaked photos and videos of Ángela Aguilar

 Full Leaked photos and videos of Ángela Aguilar

Image via Twitter

The famous 18-year-old has currently denied having an affair (Photo: Instagram/angela_aguilar_)

Although Ángela Aguilar prefers to keep her private life away from the spotlightAnd although she highlighted that in her childhood she was in love with William Levy, now some images have emerged that would account for her romance with a man several years older than her.

The famous Mexican regional singer appears in some photographs released on Twitter by the user “Queen Venenosa”, where the young woman appears with composer Gussy Lauwhich could confirm their relationship as a couple.

The alleged boyfriend of the 18-year-old singer joined Pepe Aguilar’s team in March 2021, as part of the personal from Equinoccio Records and it would be from then on that he strengthened his closeness with the singer.

Gussy Lau is a Sinaloan composer, creator of multiple successes of the Mexican regional (Photo: Instagram)
After the filtering of the images, where it is established that the musician is 15 years older than Ángela, some admirers of Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter brought out an old video where the musician denies a romantic interest in the so-called “princess of the Mexican regional”.

“Would you go with Ángela Aguilar”, they questioned him. “Not with Ángela, nor with Aneliz, and if she were a woman, not with Leonardo. Not because? Very simple, Pepe Aguilar is my bossI’ve seen him, he’s two meters tall and you get to do something to one of his children, shut up, he’ll give you a hell of a lot! He can’t find you to hit another one, ”she expressed in a clip belonging to a instagram.

According to the account that published the images, the young man who appears next to the heiress of the Aguilar dynasty is the composer René Humberto Lau Ibarra, known in that environment as “Gussy Lau”33 years old, who already has an important career in the field of recorded music.

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