WATCH: PASTOR DWAYNE DAWKINS’S VIDEO Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit

WATCH: PASTOR DWAYNE DAWKINS’S VIDEO Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit

WATCH: Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’s Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit: On social media, many rumors were revolving around the internet that Pastor Dwayne Dawkins was a homosexual. These types of rumors have affected his reputation in society. One of his videos became viral on the internet and many are talking about him. Before uploading the video, nobody was talking about him not even an ant. But when his video was uploaded on the internet where he was recording the podcast. Unknowingly, he touched on the topic of homosexuality. From that podcast, many were taking him as a homosexual person. And the video went viral on the internet. If he didn’t touch the topic then chances are he was not famous on the internet. And no rumors were revolving around him. 

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’s Video

Nonetheless, he was a great guy and was a passionate pastor. His spiritual father and apostolic representative, Bishop Timothy Clark of Columbus, Ohio is his spiritual father and apostolic representative. Talking about his relationship, he was staying with Tamia Dawkins. And he has one child whose name is Dywane H. Dawkins II. Also, he was the president of the Eastern New York General Assembly of the Church of God State Youth Organization which consists of more than 21 youth groups. Later on, he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he was working as the senior pastor of Praise International Church.

What happened to Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?
As we already mentioned above that, many rumors say he was a homosexual. Besides this, we didn’t have any information. Our sources are trying to get more and more information so if you appreciate our efforts, then you can follow this site. IE. Dawkins Ministries, Inc’s reach extends beyond religion into the medical, humanitarian, psychological, government, and financial sectors.

Who was Pastor Dawkins?

Dywane Dawkins was a talented, dedicated, and teacher. He grew up in New York City where his childhood has spent in that City. He belongs to a Christian family and was heavily inspired by his great grandparents. When he turned 14, he decided to go into the army and served for his country. But as you know that, people’s thinking will be changed and their path, career will also be changed. Following that, he gave up his idea and wanted to become a teacher. He has done BA in Elementary Education from the State University of New York at Old Westbury and also done a MA in Professional Studies in Urban Ministry

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