Malwandle from Umndeni Death, Lwazi Madonsela passed away

Malwandle from Umndeni Death, Lwazi Madonsela passed away.

Umndeni Cast Member Malwandle Died, rumor or real?

It is very sad to say that Umndeni lost their cast member name Lwazi Madonsela died at the age of just 26. she was the former actress on Umndeni. The news gets viral on internet with high velocity. Let’s have a look what happens to the actor. But some of the website are still saying that he is alive. Let’s see what is real?

Who is Malwandle Madonsela?
The real name of Malwandle is Ongeziwe Percy Malwandle Madonsela. She is the member of famous African Reality show Umndeni. Moja Love Umndeni is well know for its homosexual Polygamous marriage content. She got big break from this reality show.

Malwandle Madonsela Cast member
The death news is first aired by an advertisement which was featuring her cast mate. That cast mate announces her sudden death. The news soon get public. Mojo Love Tv also confirmed the news. The reason behind her death is still hidden. People are assuming many reasons for her death. But still the real reason is investigating.

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